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SSC Revised Exam Schedule 2015-16

SSC has released the exam schedule for the various exams which will be held in 2015-16. you can download the pdf of the schedule CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE

IBPS PO,Clerk,SO-III Notice regarding Reserved List

Today IBPS has released notice regarding reserved list. List of the selected candidates will be available on the IBPS website on 16th April 2015 CLICK HERE FOR PO-III CLICK HERE FOR CLERK-III CLICK HERE FOR SO-III

Daily G.K. Buzz - 31st March

Nation Himachal Pradesh Government launched India’s first e-Vidhan Mobile app i. Virbhadra Singh , the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh launched part one of e-Vidhan Mobile app .  The app could be accessed by all the members 45 minutes before the question hours on android and tablets having information about the day business. ii. With this launch, Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha became the first state assembly in the country to launch e-Vidhan Mobile app. This e-Vidhan system will help the state to save about 8 crore rupees per annum that is spent on the paper. Union Cabinet gave its approval for the Approach and Key Components of e-Kranti i. The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its approval for the Approach and Key Components of e-Kranti: National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) 2.0.  ii. e-Kranti is an important pillar of the Digital India programme and the programme has been envisaged by the Department of Electronics and Information Techn

Topic 6 - Article 66A

Introduction Section 66A defines the punishment for sending “offensive” messages through a computer or any other communication device like a mobile phone or a tablet. A conviction can fetch a maximum of three years in jail and a fine. The Supreme Court saved the day for Indian democracy when it struck down the appalling Section 66A of the Information Technology Act last week. The apex court was sagacious, but the real heroes were those young Indians like Shreya Singhal who petitioned the Supreme Court, and Faisal Farooqui of, who campaigned against the law. What is the problem with that? The vagueness about what is “offensive”. The word has a very wide connotation, and is open to distinctive, varied interpretations. It is subjective, and what may be innocuous for one person, may lead to a complaint from someone else and, consequently, an arrest under Section 66A if the police prima facie accepts the latter person’s view. How did the controversy begin? T

Words of Foreign Language

Definition  of  FOREIGN WORD : A  word  of a  foreign  language or A word  taken from another language, pronounced and written as alien, and in English usually printed in italics. Foreign words have different origins. Here, at Competition Zenith, we provide you the Top Ten Commonly Used Foreign words from several origins. Arabian Origin Foreign words: Foreign words Meaning Algebra the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations Assassin a person who murders an important person for political or religious reasons. Harem the separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants. Mattress a fabric case filled with soft, firm, or springy material, used for sleeping on. Safari an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat Sofa a long u