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One Word Substitution from SSC CGL 2015 - 9th August 2015

Dear Readers, Here we are posting the questions on " ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION " which came in SSC CGL 2015 Exam held on 9th August 2015 in both the shifts. Morning Shift 1. A process involving too much official formality A) Diplomacy   B) Bureaucracy C) Red-tapism D) Nepotism 2. A person who enters without any invitation A) Burglar         B) Intruder C) Thief               D) Vandal 3. Not suitable for eating A) Tasteless       B) Uneatable C) Inedible         D) Spicy 4. A recurrent compulsive urge to steal A) Pneumonia B) Insomnia C) Nymphomania           D) Kleptomania 5. Act of injuring another’s reputation by any slanderous communication A) Orchestration             B) Aberration C) Misrepresentation   D) Defamation 6. A story in which animals or objects speak and give wholesome moral lesson A) Fable             B) Parable C) Allegory         D) Legend 7. Medical study of skin and its diseases A) Dermatology              


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