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Daily G.K. Buzz 29th April 2015

Nation Rajya Sabha passed Payments and Settlement Systems (Amendment) Bill, 2014 i. The Rajya Sabha on 27 April 2015 passed Payments and Settlement Systems (Amendment) Bill, 2014 with voice vote. With this the bill has been passed by both the houses of Parliament. It was passed by the Lok Sabha on 9 December 2014. ii. The bill seeks to amend the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 so as to address the problem of insolvency in the payment and settlement system by increasing transparency. It is also aimed at bringing India's banking payment system in sync with international practices. iii. It has introduced three definitions in regard to this and they are   Issuer: It means a person who issues a legal entity identifier or similar unique identification, as specified by the RBI from time to time Legal entity identifier: It is a unique identity code assigned to a person by an issuer to identify that person in such derivatives or financial transactions, as sp

CHSL 2014 Descriptive Admit Card Out

Hello Friends, SSC has released the admit card of CHSL 2014 Descriptive Exam which is scheduled on 10th May 2015. This time SSC has changed the exam pattern of CHSL. Candidates can download the admit card from the below link

Daily G.K. Buzz - 27th & 28th April 2015

Nation Union Ministry for Power flagged off three Mobile Science Labs to revolutionise rural education i. Union Minister for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal on 27 April 2015 flagged off three NTPC Mobile Science Labs (MSL) for revolutionizing education in rural India. ii. MSL is a vehicle fitted with LCD TV carrying working Science Models which emphasizes curiosity based learning for children in rural India. It is an initiative to make hands-on learning accessible amongst underprivileged children. Govt launches action plan for skill training of disabled i. Government has launched a national action plan for skill training of persons with disabilities to improve vocational training and employment opportunities for differently-abled people. ii. Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot said in Lok Sabha that the action plan will bring all main stakeholders like various central government ministries, state governments, N

Perseverance and Grace as Nepal Is Turned Upside Down

KATMANDU, Nepal - Each time this city shuddered with aftershocks from the earthquake that convulsed Nepal, Samaj Gautam felt an urge to join the millions of residents who fled to safety outdoors. But working in a hospital emergency ward inundated with the wounded, and their broken limbs, fractured skulls and other physical traumas, Dr. Gautam said Sunday night, he and his colleagues had to suppress their fears and stick to treating patients. The earthquake registered as a magnitude -7.8 and its aftershocks have turned one of the world's most scenic regions into a panorama of devastation. Sitting atop a major tectonic fault, Nepal is accustomed to the tremors of the earth   But this time it has been overwhelmed by a powerful quake that killed thousands and destroyed some of the country’s most treasured temples. Past and present were destroyed all at once, making digging out and rebuilding that much more daunting. The earthquake hit just 80 kilometres north -

Daily GK Buzz - 26th April 2015

Nation Today 1. India launches 'Operation Maitri' i. The Indian military has mounted a massive relief operation in quake-hit Nepal, using its fleet of transport aircraft to rush in rescue teams and relief materials and ferry back stranded Indians. ii. The operation was launched shortly after the 7.9-magnitude quake hit Nepal at 11.56 am on 25th April 2015, and the first military plane carrying relief materials and Indian experts landed in Kathmandu soon after the earthquake. iii. The United States and China also initiated relief efforts that were expected to send substantial numbers of foreign aid workers, search-and-rescue teams and medical equipment to the stricken country over the next couple of days. iv. The US secretary of state, John Kerry, has said the US will pledge $1m to the aid effort and will also assist with a disaster response team. Australia has also pledged a Aus$5m aid package, while Sri Lanka, the UK, China and others are all sending

Chapter 6 - The Preamble

The term ‘preamble’ refers to the introduction or preface to the Constitution. American Constitution was the first to begin with a Preamble. N A Palkhivala said Preamble as the ‘identity card of the Constitution.’ The Preamble to the Indian Constitution is based on the ‘Objectives Resolution’, drafted and moved by Pandit Nehru, and adopted by the Constituent Assembly. It has been amended by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act (1976), which added three new words—socialist, secular and integrity. Key Words in the Preamble 1. Sovereign The word ‘sovereign’ implies that India is neither a dependency nor a dominion of any other nation, but an independent state. There is no authority above it, and it is free to conduct its own affairs (both internal and external). 2. Socialist The term was added by the 42nd Amendment in 1976. Democratic socialism holds faith in a ‘mixed economy’ where both public and private sectors co-exist side by side. 3. Secular The term ‘secular’ to

Boats and Streams Problems and its Tricks

 Dear Readers, As you know that All the basic C oncepts of Time speed and Distance apply to this chapter Boats and streams.  We have to adjust the speeds according to the point whether the boat is moving against the stream or with the stream. Stream:  Moving water of the river is called stream. Still Water :  If the water is not moving then it is called still water. Upstream :  If a boat or a swimmer moves in the opposite direction of the stream then it is called upstream.

Daily G.K. Buzz - 25th April 2015

Nation Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s Healthcare Portal i. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24 April 2015 inaugurated India’s Healthcare Portal at the SAAARC Trade Mart in the Global Exhibition on Services, in ITPO, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. ii. The portal is an authentic and dynamic information source which can effectively be used by any treatment seeker/potential medical tourist from across the globe. World Today Massive earthquake in Nepal; over 450 killed i. A powerful earthquake struck Nepal killing at least 479 people across a swath of four countries. ii. The quake’s epicenter was 80 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu, and it had a depth of only 11 kilometers, which is considered shallow in geological terms.  iii. The nine-storey Dharahara Tower, one of Kathmandu’s landmarks built by Nepal’s royal rulers as a watchtower in the 1800s and a UNESCO-recognized historical monument collapsed in the quake. iv. The sustained q

English Spotting Error

Hello Readers, As you know that Spotting Error types question is an important part of competitive examinations and seldom any book provide you the detailed solution. So we have decided to provide you the previous year questions of spotting error along with the solutions. If you like it let us know, you can also ask for detailed solutions of questions that are bothering you. 1.       He reassured to his boss (a) that he had no plans (b)/ to leave the company. (c) / No error (d) 2.       The company reports (a) / that the demand for their computers (b)/ are growing everyday. (c) / No error (d) 3.       When I say the dress, (a) / I knew it was exactly (b) / what I had looked for. (c) / No error (d) 4.       I promise (a) / I call you (b) / as soon as I got home. (c) / No error (d) 5.       I am afraid (a)/ I did a mistake (b) / in the calculation. (c) / No error (d) 6.       The number of application has risen (a) this year by (b) / as many as 50%. (c) / No error