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Chapter 6 - Peninsular Rivers

Peninsular Drainage System

  • They have a fixed course & Meanders (is a bend in Sinuous watercourse of river) are absent
  • They have relatively steep gradient & thus rarely give rise to floods. They are further classified into 
  1. East Flowing peninsular river
  2. West Flowing peninsular river

East Flowing Rivers

- They drains out in Bay of Bengal
- They form Delta

i. Mahanadi

  • Origin - Sihawa, Raipur (Chhattisgarh)
  • Project - Hirakund (Orissa) - Longest Earthen Dam in Asia
  • Trib - Sheonath, Hasdo, Mand, Jonk, Tel
  • L - 858 Km, 47% in Orissa
ii. Godavari 
    "Dakshin Ganga"

  • Origin - Trimbak, Nashik (Maharashtra)
  • Project - Polavaram Dam (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Trib - Indravati, Pranhita, Manjara
  • L - 1465 Km, 49% in Maharashtra
  • Largest peninsular river, flows in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra. It forms delta after Rajmundari
iii. Krishna

  • Origin - Mahabaleshwar, Satara (Maharashtra)
  • Project - Almatti Dam (Karnataka), Nagarjun Sagar (Andhra Pradesh) - world's largest Masonry Dam
  • Trib - Konya, Bhima, Tungbhadra (Hampi is situated)
  • L - 1401 km, 44% in karnataka, forms delta near Vijaywada
  • 2nd largest peninsular river
iv. Kaveri
    "Ganga of South"

  • Origin - Kaveripattanam, Brahmagiri (Karnataka)
  • Project - Krishnaraj Sagar, Shiv Samudram (Karnataka)
  • Trib - Kabini, BHavani & Amravati
  • Falls - Shiv Samudram (Karnataka)
  • L - 800 km, 56% in Tamil Nadu
  • Volume wise largest river of peninsular India, Since it receives water in Summer from S-W Monsoon & in winter from N-E Monsoon
v. Subarnrekha

  • Origin - Ranchi Plateau (Jharkhand)
  • Trib - Kanchi, Karfari
  • Falls - Hundru WaterFall
vi. Pennar

  • Origin - Nandidurg Hills, Kolar (Karnataka)
  • Trib - Chitravati & Jaimangali
vii. Vaigai

  • Origin - Cardamom Hills or Varushanad Hills Kamban Valley W Ghats (Tamil Nadu)
West Flowing Rivers

- They drains out in Arabian Sea
- They forms Estuary

i. Narmada
   "Rewa" or "Life Line of M.P."

  • Origin - Amarkanthak Plateau (M.P.)
  • Project - Indira Sagar (MP), Sardar Sarovar (Gujrat)
  • Trib - Tawa, Hiran, Barna
  • Falls - Dhuandhar falls ("the smoke that thunders"), Kapildhara (MP)
  • Temples - Omkareshwar & Maheshwar (MP)
  • Flows b/w Vindhya & Satpura range 
  • Falls into 'Gulf of Khambat' & forms 27 Km long Estuary (Longest)
  • L - 1312 Km
ii. Tapti 
    "Twin of Narmada" 

  • Origin - Multai, Betul (MP)
  • Project - Ukai Dam or Vallabh Sagar (Gujrat)
  • Surat City is on the bank of the river which is famous for "World's largest Diamond cutting & polishing centre"
  • L - 724 Km
Note :- Both Narmada & Tapti flows through 'Rift Valley' or 'Falt Valley'

iii. Luni
     "Salt River" or "Lavanavati"

  • Origin - Pushkar (Raj) - flows out into two streams one is Sarsuti & other as Sagarmati, they both meet at Govindgarh (Raj) & then known as Luni River
  • It is a 'Ephemeral River System' which disappears in marshy 'Rann of Kutch' (Gujrat)
  • Largest river of Rajasthan, L - 450 Km
iv. Sabarmati

  • Origin - Dhebar Lake, Udaipur (Raj)
  • Falls into Gulf of Khambat
  • L - 416 Km
v. Mahi 

  • Origin - Vindhyan Range (MP)
  • L - 560 Km
vi. Ghaggar

  • Origin - Shiwalik Hills (HP)
  • Flows only in Monsoon Season
  • Dries into Rann of Katch
  • L - 1080 Km
vii. Saravati 

  • Origin - Simoga Distt (Karnataka)
  • Falls - Jog or Gersoppa or Mahatama Gandhi Falls - highest fall of India
Rivers of Goa - Juari, Mandovi (on this Dudh Falls)
Rivers of Kerala - Periyar, Pamba, Bharatpuzha


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