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General Knowledge- Longest, Largest, Shortest And Smallest

  • Longest river of India - Ganges
  • Longest River in the World - Nile
  • Longest tributary river of India - Yamuna
  • Longest river of South India - Godavari
  • Highest mountain peak - Mount Everest (8,850 m)
  • Largest lake of the world - Caspian Sea (371,000 sq km)
  • Deepest lake of the world - Lake Baikal
  • Highest dam in world - "Nurek" dam on river Vakhsh in Tajikistan
  • Highest dam in India - Tehri Dam on Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand (Height of 260 metres)
  • Largest Dam in World - Three Gorges (China)
  • Largest Mosque in World - Masjid al Haram (Saudi Arabia)
  • Largest Mosque in India - Jama Masjid (Delhi)
  • Longest road in India - Grand Trunk Road (2500 Km)
  • Indian state is having longest coastline - Gujarat
  • Largest railway route in India - Dibrugarh in Assam to Kannyakumari in Tamil Nadu.
  • Longest road tunnel in the World - Lordal Tunnel (Norway - 24.51 kilometre)
  • Longest rail tunnel in the world - Seikan Tunnel (Japan - 53.9 Km)
  • Longest rail tunnel in India - Pir Panjal (J&k, 11215 metre)
  • Longest national highway of India - NH-7 ( Varanasi to Kanyakumari - 2,369 km)
  • Longest Dam in India - Hirakond Dam (Orissa)
  • Largest Delta of India - Sundarban (W. Bengal)
  • Largest Dome in World - St. Peter's Basilica (Rome)
  • Largest Dome in India - Gol Gumbaz (Karnataka)
  • Largest Zoo in the World - Berlin Zoological Garden (Germany)
  • Largest Zoo in India - Zoological Gardens, Alipur, Kolkata
  • Smallest state by area of India - Goa
  • Smallest state of India by Population - Sikkim
  • Densest populated State of India - West Bengal
  • State largest by area in India - Rajasthan
  • State largest by Population - Uttar Pradesh
  • Place of heaviest rainfall - Mausinram (Meghalaya)
  • Largest forest state of India - M.P.
  • Highest Battle field - Siachin Glacier.
  • Highest Award in India - Bharat Ratna
  • Highest Gallantry Award in India - Paramveer Chakra
  • Name of tallest Animal - Giraffe
  • Largest Archipelago - Indonesia
  • Smallest bird - Humming Bird
  • Largest bird - Ostrich
  • Largest continent - Asia
  • Smallest continent of world - Australia
  • Biggest country in Area - Russia
  • Largest Creature in world - Blue Whale
  • Largest epic in world - Mahabharat
  • Largest sea in the world - Mediterranean sea
  • Largest library in the world - United State Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
  • Biggest museum in the world - British Museum, London
  • Biggest ocean in the world - Pacific ocean
  • Biggest planet - Jupiter
  • Smallest planet - Mercury
  • Brightest planet - Venus
  • Highest Plateau - Pamir, Tibet
  • Longest Platform - Gorakhpur railway station, Uttar Pradesh, India (1355.40 meters)
  • Longest railway station - Grand Central Terminal, Chicago(USA).
  • The name of brightest star - Sirius
  • Tallest statue in world - Statue of Motherland, Volgagrad (Russia)
  • Longest wall in world - Great wall of China
  • Highest waterfall in the world - Angel, Venezuela
  • Longest day in the year - June 21
  • Shortest day in the year - December 22
  • Lightest gas - Hydrogen
  • Lightest metal - Lithium
  • Largest gulf - Gulf of Mexico
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