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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) Regarding Filling Application Form SSC CGL 2015

Hello readers,

Many of us often think about what to fill as his or her first preference while filling SSC CGL form. We know these are all lucrative jobs and best in the business. But there are some points in some jobs that suits you the most and some don’t so we are here providing you an article so that you can decide and gauge what is best for you.

QUERY: I filled up the form but then xyz error happened OR I’ve already applied but now I want to change the job preferences now. Can I apply again? OR I made some mistake in tying date of birth, graduation marks or xyz thing, can I apply again?
In case of multiple applications for on-line application, the last application for which part-I and part-II registration have been completed will be accepted.

For example
  • you applied first time and got registration ID: ABC1111.
  • You applied again, after a few days and got registration ID: ABC51111.
  • SSC will send you the admit card according to this second application.

The regional director/deputy director at his/her discretion, will accept only one of the applications.

Validity of Distance Education Degree?
QUERY: I’ve done graduation from xyz postal/distance Education University. Is my degree valid for this SSC CGL exam?
Ans. Yes if your course is recognized by Distance Education Council, Lpu.

Confusion in Job preference codes
QUERY: Which job should I give first preference to?
Ans. It depend on below point
  • Want uniform? = Preventive officer (white), Excise inspector (Khakhi)
  • Want adventure/risk? = CBI, Nacrotics, Preventive officer, Enforcement directorate. (although in real life it’s more stress than adventure.)
  • Want peace of mind, family life, permanently settlement in Delhi= Assistants in Group B in certain ministries. = CSS, RAILWAY, AFHQ a certainty.
  • Want posting in foreign country= Assistant in Ministry of External affairs. Though at one’s wishes he can live in Delhi for whole of the tenure in this job.
  • Non interview posts should be given last preference=  In event of your non-interest in interview posts you can always skip the interview; hence non-interview posts always should be preferred last.

QUERY: Does SSC CGL exam have sectional cut-offs like in IBPS and RBI exams?
Ans. No

QUERY: How many vacancies are there for those individual posts?
Ans. Number of vacancies in CGL is not there in the notification. Firm number of vacancies in each category of posts will be determined at least one month before the declaration of the final results.

Are Last Semester/Final Year Candidates allowed in SSC CGL?
QUERY: I’m in the last semester/ last year of college? Can I apply?
Ans. No. You must have completed graduation on OR before 1st august  2015. Otherwise, they’ll reject you at document verification stage.

ADVICE: Let’s assume you prepare extremely well and clear tier 1 and tier 2, still they’ll reject you at document verification stage. So, instead of occupying a seat at tier-II, tier III, better let a needy person get that seat. Besides, SSC will release official answer keys and cut-offs. So, you can practice the same question paper at home. (instead of appearing in the exam just for the sake of “experience”)

QUERY: Is it a need to apply again for tier-II/second stage of SSC CGL/ other exam
Ans: No, you need not to apply afresh for tier-II/second stage of an exam if any. The result of tier-I examination, informing the qualified candidates along with the dates of tierII/second stage examination will be published.

QUERY: What happens if desired qualification is mentioned there in the advertisement?
Ans: Wherever Desirable Qualification is prescribed in Recruitment Rules, appropriate weightage will be given at the time of Interview. If no interview is there for that post it’s meaningless for the selection.

QUERY: Which candidates are exempted from application fee?
Ans: All Women candidates and candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Physically Handicapped, and Ex-Servicemen eligible for reservation are exempted from paying application fee, as per extant government orders.

QUERY: When is a Reserved Candidate Said to be Qualified on UR Standards in SSC exams?
Ans: A reserved category candidates, if meets the cut-off that of UR candidates and has not sought age relaxation is said to be qualified on UR standards. In that case he also becomes eligible to be appointed on UR seats too.
For example
 In Tier-II CGLE-2011 result the cut-off for UR is 354.75; and If an OBC etc candidate has scored 354.75 or more marks and is aged below 27 on the day of reckoning age for the exam will be said that he has qualified on UR standards. And thus for him the total vacancies will be 1552 (VACANCIES FOR UR) + 883 (Vacancies for OBC) = 2435. Otherwise his vacancies would have been just 883. Also while allotting seat to him he is chosen for the category which is in his favour.

QUERY: Ruling on VH candidates in SSC exams.
Ans: Candidates with visual disability of 40% and more will only be considered as VISUALLY HANDICAPPED and entitled to reservation for VH candidates, wherever such reservation is available.

QUERY: Which SSC CGL posts are Delhi based?
Ans: Assistant in CSS is mainly Delhi based. All other Assistant posts too are Delhi based. But an Assistant in CSS can be posted out of Delhi as well; however this option lies with the person concerned only. Assistant in MEA can remain throughout in Delhi only if he wishes so

Some aspirants are seen always in a hurry in filling the form, without a proper thought/importance been given to order of post preferences. The result is nothing but their repentance about choosing wrong order of posts. My advice is you should never be in that hurry; it’s totally unwanted as in SSC exams there is enough time for filling the form. It doesn’t mean you should wait till the last date. You should always try to know the various job profiles from a good source, medical/physical requirements needed, etc. For that 5-6-7 days are sufficient in my opinion.

Everybody has different likes and dislikes like place of posting, nature of work, physical/medical requirements, etc. Therefore post preferences should only be one’s individual issue. So try to know various job profiles, pros and cons of different posts, etc and decide your preferences of your own.


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